Bison – Our Signature Cuts of Nutritionally Robust Meat

Buy Ranch Direct Bison features an invigorating selection of our most succulently delicious cuts of nutritionally robust meat. Renowned for its rich full profoundly sweet flavor, potent nutrient-dense profile and delectably lean yet mouth-watering tenderness, our Bison is ideal for daily fare as well as the perfect main course for any special occasion.

Buy Ranch Direct Bison is:

100% Grass-Fed from Start to Finish!
no grain, corn, soy or any supplements ever!
no steroids or hormones ever!
Dry-Aged to Tender Perfection
Flash Frozen for Maximum Freshness
Rich in Carnitine, B-Vitamins, Magnesium & Beta Carotene
Rich in Trace Minerals Iron, Zinc & Selenium
Low in Total Fat, Cholesterol & Omega-6 Fatty Acids

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