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Bison – Boost

Ground Bison Boost – Nutritionally Robust & Powerfully Energetic

Buy Ranch Direct Ground Bison Boost is the most nutritionally robust and simplest way to introduce liver into your diet.  Prepared with a base of 90% Ground Bison Meat—which is made from only primal cuts of the finest roasts—our potent Ground Bison Boost is also made with 10% Liver Meat.

Creating the most succulently delicious sliders, burgers, tacos, meatballs, nachos, meat loaf and even steak tartare, this powerfully energetic combination of tenderly nutritious Ground Bison Meat & Liver is incredibly versatile and perfect for sautéing, frying or barbecuing.


Buy Ranch Direct Ground Bison Boost is:

  • 100% Grass-Fed from Start to Finish
  • 95-98% Lean Protein with a Fat Content of 2-5%
  • Dry-Aged to Tender Perfection
  • Flash Frozen for Maximum Freshness

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